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Haley Yates - Associate Artist - Creative

As jam attracts wasps and cheap alcohol attracts holidaymakers, we’ve found that being a friendly, hard working company attracts similar minded collaborators.  Here’s one of the lovely chewing gum folk, that over the years, got stuck to our soles…..


Haley originally studied Musical Theatre, graduating in 2004 and has since continuously worked in theatre and entertainment, from singing roles to theatre aimed at families, through to straight drama.  

She became involved with Rotten Park Road in 2011, when she befriended Lynne and Pat whilst working on a live horror show. She sussed out they were doing a film, How Not To Work & Claim Benefits, and wangled herself a cheeky roll in it. Now, she still hangs around, occasionally popping by to pet their cat and drink tea.

In 2018, Haley retrained as a Hair and Make-Up artist, winning awards for her work. She was trainee on numerous projects to Make-Up Designer Gillian Walsh (ITV, BAFTAS, Netflix), was Make-Up Designer and Artist on Project 42 (Merlin Entertainment Ltd), and is currently Make-Up Designer on the independent British Feature Film Happy Little Bunnies.