Happy Little Bunnies

A comedy horror, in development. 
It's not suitable for kids though. We draw the line there.
Definitely for mature audiences only.

Happy Little Bunnies- A comedy horror feature film

From the writer and director of 'How Not To Work and Claim Benefits', comes a brand new, mind blowing movie. Controversial, savage, original and provocative, this won't be like any comedy horror you've seen before. Truly independent, the screenplay for this baby would be too much for a studio to handle. With twists and turns, pitch black comedy and "Did he really just say that?" moments.

We need your help to get this movie made! We wouldn't be able to finance this film in the traditional way, because it's just too "out there" for most backers, but we know that you, the real movie fans, want to see truly original material... the writer/director's cut.. It will have all the stuff that horror fans want; a masked killer, gore, suspense, scares 'n' thrills, but it will also have a whole lot more. Bat shit crazy songs that 'South Park' would shy away from, twists and turns that Hitchcock would be jealous of and dialogue that would make Tarantino blush. You're gonna just have to see this thing to believe it.

I hope you enjoy the teaser, but it's damn difficult to give you a taste of what this movie is going to be in a just a few minutes. You're just going to have to see the whole thing. But that ain't gonna happen unless you can help us raise the cash. We are also going to offer some pretty cool perks to anyone who helps us make this. Our funding campaign will be coming soon, but in the meantime give our teaser a share. Let's get the word out there.

What's it about?
John thinks he's sick and twisted, so he goes to a therapist for help. Unfortunately for John, the therapist makes him seem like Mary Poppins. The therapist might also be the local friendly serial killer carving up the neighbourhood. Will John get out alive?

Coming Soon!

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