Happy Little Bunnies

A feature film, in development. 
It's not suitable for kids though. We draw the line there.
Definitely for mature audiences only.

Happy Little Bunnies- A darkly comic horror feature. 

Tagline - They're not happy, they're not little, and they're not bunnies.

From the writer and director of 'How Not To Work and Claim Benefits', comes a brand new controversial, savage, original and provocative horror film. Truly independent, the screenplay for this baby would be too much for a studio to handle. With twists and turns, pitch black comedy and "Did he really just say that?" moments.

What's it about?:

A bunny-masked serial killer is on the prowl, carving up men who seem abusive or perverted. Meanwhile, Carl, a therapist with a disturbing background, takes on a new client, John, who wants to be cured of his perceived perverted and psychotic thoughts. 

As John's therapy session with Carl develops, it transpires that Carl had a dysfunctional upbringing at the hands of his abusive father.  However, Carl's therapy seems to encourage John's monstrous thoughts and soon it becomes apparent that Carl might be far more unstable than his patient, which might explain the bunny mask on his coffee table. 

Soon Carl's behaviour goes from odd to violent, culminating in him holding John at gunpoint and bringing out a bound and gagged girl, with whom he encourages John to act out his violent fantasies. In the end, only one person is left alive.

British Film Council

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