Sophie Grace Toland - Associate Artist - Actress / Co-Producer

As jam attracts wasps and cheap alcohol attracts holidaymakers, we’ve
found that being a friendly, hard working company attracts similar
minded collaborators.  Here’s one of the lovely chewing gum folk, that
over the years, got stuck to our soles…..


Commonly known as Roland, Sophie is originally from Cheshire and graduated from Hull University with a first-class honours degree in Drama and English. She trained as an actor at the Birmingham School of Acting and gained a distinction-level MA before returning to Manchester like a biased homing pigeon. For the past few years she’s worked with various Northern companies including Happystorm Theatre, Dapper Productions at the 24:7 Festival, Ribcaged Theatre – and more recently, BAPS Theatre, a new company she co-runs with two other local actors – as well as numerous role play, workshop leading and language teaching positions. When she’s not pratting about on a stage somewhere, she can generally be found either writing, working on her upcoming YouTube series ‘The Awkward Eater’ or collaborating with Short End Media on new webseries and audio projects. Or perhaps knitting something fancy. She’s right pleased to be involved with Rotten Park Road because they’re a lovely bunch of dickheads, and lovely dickheads can be hard to find these days. @sophie_toland