Astley Town

Philip Astley is embedded in the very fabric, brickwork & shadows of his birthplace.

"When you think what William Shakespeare has done for Stratford upon Avon, then think what can Philip Astley do for Newcastle under Lyme?" Quote: Andrew Van Buren

Commissioned by The Philip Astley Project, "Astley Town" is a short film celebrating the legacy of Philip Astley, the father of the modern circus. 

Director of Photography: Matt Rozier
Directed by: Patrick McConnell

Performers were:
Dominic Biddle
Gordon Brayford
Lucy Enskat
Kate Evans
Sascha Goslin
Matt Pang, PanGottic
Jessica Pidsley
Allyson Van Buren
Harley Van Buren

The short film was shot in Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire, UK in June 2021 and premiered at AstleyFest online on Saturday 7th August, 2021. We had a wonderful time collaborating with Andrew van Buren, Appetite Stoke and the glorious performers involved.

The full 4K edit will be available soon. In the meantime, you can watch it in HD HERE! 

For further Info on The Philip Astley Project: