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Haley Yates - Associate Artist - MUA, Production Secretary

As jam attracts wasps and cheap alcohol attracts holidaymakers, we’ve found that being a friendly, hard working company attracts similar minded collaborators.  Here’s one of the lovely chewing gum folk, that over the years, got stuck to our soles…..

HALEY YATES - MUA, Creative & Production Secretary

Haley originally studied Musical Theatre, graduating in 2004 and has since continuously worked in theatre, entertainment and film, both behind the scenes and on stage / in front of the camera.

She became involved with Rotten Park Road in 2011, when she befriended Lynne and Pat whilst working on a live horror show. She sussed out they were making a film, How Not To Work & Claim Benefits, and wangled herself a cheeky roll in it, as well as working her socks off as a runner during the production phase. Now, she still hangs around, occasionally popping by to pet their cats and drink tea.

In 2018, Haley retrained as a Hair and Make-Up artist, winning awards for her work. Branching out from her work as a make-up artist, Haley has vast experience in production. She is one of our favourite humans and one of the most adaptable, dedicated and creative people we know.