Hannah Livingstone - Associate Artist - Actor

As jam attracts wasps and cheap alcohol attracts holidaymakers, we’ve found that being a friendly, hard working company attracts similar minded collaborators.  Here’s one of the lovely chewing gum folk, that over the years, got stuck to our soles…..

Hannah Elizabeth Blakeley

Currently studying at Bristol Old Vic, Hannah started her comedy career with Cofilmic working on new writing comedy showcases. She then collaborated with Rotten Park Road and Operation Perfect Teaset in May 2015, when they all went and had a jolly old time dicking about at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August. 

Whilst there, she met various people, including Dave Benson Philips. Yes... THE Dave Benson Philips. She also met the casting director of Merlin and told him "I like your dragons"… she didn't get the part.

Current work includes award-winning Kevin Dewbury's comedy show Kev's Komedy Kitchen - 'A masterpiece of performance and comedy' (NottsComedyReview), touring Nationally and running at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017.