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What's it About?

The film is a darkly boisterous psychological comedy drama about Mike and Dave; two boozy, unemployed degenerates living off the state, who find themselves dodging gangsters and on the run from the pigs.

Mike and Dave drink their lives away in a shitty flat, claiming their benefits by pretending to be mental. After a particularly boozy night, a mysterious stranger turns up at their door with ten thousand pounds and thanks them for agreeing to their “assignment” in the pub the night before.

They have no memory of this encounter, so they take his hard-earned cash and spend it on a lavish lifestyle. The creepy Mr Martin suddenly starts following them and they begin to suspect they’re at the centre of something very, very sinister.

When the police bash down their door and Mike is arrested on murder charges, it becomes apparent that they’re just bit-players in a much larger plot, and that they’ve become wrapped up in a lie that goes back a long, long time.


It was born back in 2005, becoming a successful stage play called “A Story For When We’re Grandads”, touring theatres across the UK, picking up rave reviews, and a Best New Writing Award. Rewritten as a screenplay in 2011, the film went into production in August 2012 and was completed in 2016.

The film was included on the British Council’s programme of selector screenings for the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival.


You can download Patrick’s original screenplay right here: “How Not To Work” Screenplay (Free Download)


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