In The Leek Midwinter

NEW FOR 2021

There's a pandemic, the director's drunk, an actor is missing... what could possibly go wrong?!

When a small Moorlands theatre company are told their Christmas show will now be performed in February, they try desperately to cling to the original script... with predictably ridiculous results.

A light-hearted midwinter romp with a sprinkling of beautiful song, this is a show that will both warm your heart and have you chuckling at the ill-fated actors' efforts to turn 'Merry Christmas!' into... 'Happy Winter?!'

In The Leek Midwinter, streamed live from The Foxlowe Arts Centre in February 2021 and is currently available for tour booking.
We also have
 an accessible, pre-recorded performance with closed captions available if you fancy a gander! 

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