Lynne Payne - Creative Producer, Actor & Agent

Lynne grew up in the North West seaside town of Blackpool and studied Theatre at Lancaster University.

She has worked in a range of jobs throughout the film and theatre industry, from casting to location scouting, performance roles and post-production roles, each designed to give her a full insight into the industry and to empathise with and understand what each role entails.

She began her career as a Professional Dance Artist working with companies such as Ludus Dance & Birmingham DanceXchange, and in a variety of settings throughout the North West and the Midlands. 

In 2005, she co-founded the new-writing production company "Random Productions", performing in and producing small to mid-scale theatre productions which, over several years, toured nationally, to great acclaim. Later re-branded Rotten Park Road, she produced her first short film Acting Grown Up in 2011. Later that year she found herself producing a second short - The Commission, commissioned by leading contemporary figurative painter John Wonnacott, CBE. The film was shot and exhibited in Agnew's Gallery, London, to feature alongside John's solo exhibition A Tale of Two Houses

She has since produced numerous stage, independent film and comedy projects, including the darkly comic horror independent feature film Happy Little Bunnies (released 2021), the independent feature film How Not To Work and Claim Benefits, (released 2017), the documentary How to Make a Film For Nothing, the darkly comic short film Operation Perfect Teaset presents Naughty Naughty, and Friday the 14th: The Legend of Camp Aztitz: Part 3D, a digital stage project.

Branching out from her work as a creative producer, Lynne continues to work as a jobbing actor and is the Director of Rotten Park Road Management.

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