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One Family, Four Jubilees

"One Family, Four Jubilees" is an audio drama which tells the story of a working-class family over the course of 7 decades during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

It is an emotional journey that shows the love and losses we all make over our lifetimes.

This audio drama is FREE to listen to on the following platforms:







Written and directed by Patrick McConnell and recorded by Tim Vickerstaff at Hollow Moon Media.

Runtime: 32 minutes 49 seconds


June 2022 saw us produce and facilitate "One Family, Four Jubilees" as an interactive audio drama, funded by The National Lottery Community Fund's Platinum Jubilee Fund event. The event involved: 

♔ A fabulous spread of the finest cakes and beverages

♔ A brand new audio drama inspired by memories and stories of the people of Leek, Staffordshire

♔ A visual/audio celebration of Leek over the reign of Queen Elizabeth II

♔ A celebratory atmosphere fit for The Queen herself

It now exists as an independent audio drama in its own right.