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Professional, Bespoke Showreel Services

When assessing an actor's suitability for their project, a Casting Director's first port of call is the actor's showreel. We at Rotten Park Road, having cast and produced Internationally distributed films, know how vital a decent showreel is - it is always the first thing we look at.

We are fully aware that the most important thing about a showreel is showing you can act! If a casting director doesn't believe the performance, then you're not going to get the audition, no matter how beautifully shot or edited your showreel is.

As industry professionals, we can help you to achieve a convincing, engaging performance that lets your audience know that you are a professional and that if they employ you, they are in safe hands, as well as producing a great image and high quality sound.

Our team comprises of acting agents, casting professionals, an award-winning writer, an Internationally recognised director and professional experience on both sides of the camera.

The Process:

We will:

⌲ Create a scene(s) that suit you and play to your strengths. (We can either provide you with a script or you can provide your own).

⌲ Film your scene(s), producing them in the same way we produce our own professional work that is made for major International platforms, to ensure you give your best performance.

⌲ Edit your scene(s) together to create a high quality showreel.


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⌲ Edit-only: £125

If you have existing footage you are happy with and simply need your footage editing together to create a nice reel.

⌲ 1 Filmed Scene + Editing: £425

⌲ 2 Filmed Scenes + Editing: £710

⌲ 3 Filmed Scenes + Editing: £995

A scene can either be written just for yourself as a monologue or as a duologue, which can often mean you can split the cost of a filmed scene with a peer. We can, where possible, give you a hand if you're stuck for an actor to play against, but are more than happy for you to arrange this.

1 scene takes on average 3-4 hours to shoot, with 3 scenes normally taking place over 2 days. Once your footage is in the can, we then edit your footage together and send a first draft for you to give feedback on. We then redraft according to you/ your agent's needs.


We are based in Leek, in the Staffordshire Moorlands, and we prefer to shoot locally, within the North Staffordshire/Staffordshire Moorlands area.

If you have any questions whatsoever, or would like to book, please do not hesitate to contact us:


with the subject heading "Showreel Enquiry"

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Monologue Scene Examples:

Nathan Morris as "Marc"; written and directed by Patrick McConnell

Jacqueline Redgewell as "Doris"; written and directed by Patrick McConnell

Duologue Scene Examples:

Teague Davis & Daniel Harland; written and directed by Patrick McConnell

Jon-Scott Clark & Simon Manley; written and directed by Patrick McConnell

Rotten Park Road Reel Examples:

Sophie Grace Toland - we shot & edited 3 scenes to make up Sophie's reel.

James Nicholas - a combination of scenes shot & written by ourselves, edited together with pre-existing scenes James wanted to include.