Sophie Toland - Creative: Performer, Producer, Agent & Designer


Commonly known as Roland to about three people, Sophie is originally from Cheshire and graduated from Hull University with a first-class honours degree in Drama and English. She trained as an actor at the Birmingham School of Acting and gained a distinction-level MA before returning to Manchester like a biased Northern homing pigeon. 

Sophie has worked with Rotten Park Road as a Performer since 2015 and as a Producer/Co-Producer since 2017 on projects including Live! From Camp Aztitz, Medea, Happy Little Bunnies, and In the Leek Midwinter. She also co-manages Rotten Park Road Management.

She continues to work as a jobbing actor as well as a graphic designer & digital marketing consultant. Occasionally she knits and crochets enjoyable things, and plays the piano and violin (not all at the same time, although she's working on it).

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