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The Girl, The Ogre & The Boy Dressed as Hitler


Trying to navigate the world with psychosis is hard, particularly when people are trying to kill you. 

"[The film] takes a unique look at hired killings by establishing a refreshing code of honor. The script is strikingly uncluttered; it’s just one man trying to complete a job without getting killed.

Gabriel is also different from the action norm. He does everything on a whim, with no grand plans or opinions. He is an engaging central figure to watch – if only because he is so malleable, it is impossible to guess what he’ll do next.

The genre itself is a curious blend of action, comedy and road movie that could please critical audiences – there are plenty of bloody shootouts, but these moments are always juxtaposed with long stretches of conversation on the open road.”     – The Blacklist

"There are zero criticisms for Patrick’s visual grammar. In fact, the opening scene is one of the best opening scenes I have read in a long time and a perfect example of how to use visual grammar without overdoing it, under doing it, going off in a tangent or losing the reader. A real strength of his and makes for a great read. Humour - on the money. Amazing creative choices with music choices, hallucinations, interaction between characters. Some big laughs in this script."    – Kim MacAskill

Status:   For Sale

Genres:   Action, Comedy, Road Movie, Horror            

Format:  4K HD Feature  

Budget:   Medium

Storyboards & Concept Art: Carl Staples.