The Girl, The Ogre & The Boy Dressed as Hitler


Trying to navigate the world with psychosis is hard, particularly when people are trying to kill you. 

Short Synopsis:

Gabriel is a dysfunctional, aging assassin, who has suffered hallucinations since leaving the Army. He sees Banshees, Ogres, Trolls and all sorts of scary, strange and funny entities everywhere he goes. This obviously makes him quite erratic at his work and prone to getting in trouble. 

He gets offered one last lucrative job. However, the job turns messy and Gabriel leaves a trail of bodies and nearly bleeds to death. 

He only makes it out alive thanks to May, a loud-mouthed teenage girl. After the job, Gabriel and May are marked for death and have to go on the run. This leaves the odd couple on a carnage-fuelled road trip, heading towards an explosive confrontation for death or glory.

The story allows for an exciting mix of genres, with Action scenes full of blood and carnage. Horror elements, with lots of strange, bizarre creatures lurking in background, because of Gabriel’s fractured mind. It is also an odd couple comedy road trip with character growth.

Script Reviews:

"[The film] takes a unique look at hired killings by establishing a refreshing code of honor. The script is strikingly uncluttered; it’s just one man trying to complete a job without getting killed.

Gabriel is also different from the action norm. He does everything on a whim, with no grand plans or opinions. He is an engaging central figure to watch – if only because he is so malleable, it is impossible to guess what he’ll do next.

The genre itself is a curious blend of action, comedy and road movie that could please critical audiences – there are plenty of bloody shootouts, but these moments are always juxtaposed with long stretches of conversation on the open road.”     – The Blacklist

"There are zero criticisms for Patrick’s visual grammar. In fact, the opening scene is one of the best opening scenes I have read in a long time and a perfect example of how to use visual grammar without overdoing it, under doing it, going off in a tangent or losing the reader. A real strength of his and makes for a great read. Humour - on the money. Amazing creative choices with music choices, hallucinations, interaction between characters. Some big laughs in this script."    – Kim MacAskill

Status:   For Sale

Genres:   Action, Comedy, Road Movie, Horror            

Format:  4K HD Feature  

Budget:   Medium

Storyboards & Concept Art: Carl Staples.