The film productions we make very much reflect our personalities as we are, essentially, our own target audience. With each film we produce, we  constantly aim to create a distinctly unique feel that people will hopefully come to associate with our work. Our slate includes the feature films How Not To Work & Claim Benefits (Released Internationally, 2017), Happy Little Bunnies (completed in 2020) and The Girl, The Ogre and The Boy Dressed as Hitler (screenplay completed); the documentary How to Make a Film for Nothing and the short films The Commission and Acting Grown Up (completed). It also includes numerous community-based projects and comedy shorts and, finally showreels for actors and dancers.With a focus on new
writing, our stage work ranges from the dark and hard-hitting through to the sadistically comic and, more recently, family-friendly entertainment.
Our first theatre production, A Story for When Were Grandads, won the Best New Writing award at Buxton Fringe Festival and was nominated for 
Best Production. It has now been adapted into a successful film.
Our theatre repertoire includes the full length stage plays Medea, Operation Perfect Teaset's 80's Summer Camp/Live! From Camp Aztitz, A Story for When We're Grandads, Playtime for the Suicidal and Don't Blink Don't 
We create new work for new audiences. Since 2007 we have been dedicated to new theatre-making and, in more recent years, film, using creativity as a means to raise awareness of mental health issues and to improve participants' wellbeing.
The catalyst for the professional work we produce is often the issues
and ideas which are brought up by the people from our local community. Our creative practitioners have wealth of experience delivering a wide range of community projects. We offer workshops in dance, film, theatre and creative writing.